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“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” (Socrates)

Assalam-o-Alaikum Parents and Students,
Welcome to Sr. Doniya’s English and Social Studies class! This is a place where we will work together to build a strong academic base for your child, which will in turn enhance his/her love for learning and to constantly keep on growing intellectually. For that to happen, it is important that we work as a team, parents, students, and teacher. A new academic year means a fresh start so let’s make the best of this opportunity and constantly strive to make our children reach their full potential and pave a path towards success.
Grading Policy- Tests- 40%, Quizzes-30%, Homework-20%, Classwork/Behavior-10%
Late assignments- Homework will be assigned every day. Failure to do your homework can and will affect your grade.
• Homework that is not handed in the day it is due can be made up only until the next day for half credit of the earned grade. It is the student’s responsibility to hand in late homework the next day. I will not be asking for it. Homework that is late for more than 1 day will be not be accepted and will result in a 0 for that particular assignment.
• Journal entries will adhere to the same lateness policy as above.
• Projects, major writing assignments, and Take-Home Tests will not be accepted late unless a parent contacts me through email or the Main Office requesting extension for a maximum of 2 school days and with a 5% grade deduction. No student requests for extensions will be honored.
Classroom Rules and Regulations
• Be prepared for class at all times. Books, notebooks, and writing utensils should always be on hand.
• Respect the teacher as well as your fellow classmates.
• No use of foul language.
• Keep your hands to yourself at all times.
• If there is a problem amongst you and the rest of your classmates talk to me privately and inshAllah I will handle it.
• At no times are you allowed to approach the teacher’s desk or blackboard unless instructed otherwise.
• No yelling or screaming at any time.
• Raise your hand when and if you have something to say. Answer only when you are called on.
• No snacking at all during class except on days you have consecutive double periods. On days with consecutive double periods you are allowed a 5 minute snack break before the second period. You are allowed to drink water from a water bottle (Make sure it is capped when not in use).
• You may leave class only once in a day for either the water fountain or bathroom. If you use your pass once in the day, do not ask me again. If you do not report to class within 5 minute of a water or bathroom break, you will be reported to the office.
• I will dismiss you at the end of class. Do not leave your seat or pack up to leave unless I tell you to.
• Clean up your desk before leaving. Any papers lying around after you leave my class will be thrown in the garbage can.
Note: Adhering to all classroom rules and regulations is the responsibility of the student. If you fail to do so disciplinary actions will be taken as follows:
First Offense: Warning
Second Offense: Note sent home or a Phone call made
Third Offense: Deduction in classwork grade
Students are asked to bring the following supplies to class on Monday 7th September 2015:
• 1 Black Marble Composition Journal
• 12 Blue/Black pens
• 12 #2 Lead pencils
• 2 packs of white 3-by-5 index cards
• 2 Highlighters
• 1 3-inch Black Binder
• 3 Blue portfolio folders with pockets
• 1 Large Zip-lock Bag

Parents, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at I will be more than happy to take care of and try to resolve any questions or issues you may have.
Let’s all make this a great year!!!
Sr. Doniya Dar
(ELA & S.S.Grades 4, 5, 6)