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Our Program

Our Program

Badr School has a mission to serve Allah (SWT) by providing a conducive safe Islamic learning environment for all students Nursery through grade 8.   Our team provides a unique atmosphere where your child can practice the Sunnah and allow him/her to develop a positive and healthy identity as a Muslim.  Our children are blessed with the opportunity to recite Quran before the school day beings, be part of our morning Hafez Quran program, and pray at school.
What we Offer?
Badr School offers a daily outstanding program in teaching Arabic and non-Arabic speakers memorization of the Quran along with teaching a strong Islamic curriculum for grades Nursery through grade 8.  Our curriculum is based upon the New Jersey State Board of Education infused with the Common Core Curriculum Standards.  Also, we offer educational full-time Nursery (3 years of age) and Pre-k programs (age 4), to prepare your child for Kindergarten.

Who are our teachers?
Our teachers are dedicated Muslim individuals who strive to teach our children every day.  The greater part of our teachers have acquired a Master Degree, are certified, and are continuing a higher education.   Through Professional Development workshops, our teachers are skilled at incorporating different learning style techniques to fit the needs of each student.  Their dedication and effort is evident in the student’s everyday learning.
What have we accomplished?
With the help of Allah (SWT), we have accomplished many goals over the past few years.
  • Badr School is equipped with technological devices to enhance differentiated learning
  • Terra Nova scores have excelled in all content areas for students grades K through 8
  • Graduating 8th grade seniors have been accepted to prestigious high schools and colleges
  • Students in all grade levels have competed and placed in Quran, Arabic and Islamic Studies competitions
  • Highly competitive achievements in Annual Science Fair and Spelling Bee
  • Participation in the Annual Islamic Schools Spelling Bee in Brooklyn, New York
  • In collaboration with the Jersey City Board of Education, we have in school services such as: Compensatory Education, English as a Second Language along with remedial services that include evaluations, supplementary instruction, and speech-language services.
  • Formal breakfast and lunch food program