Badr School

Badr School Health and Safety Plan 21-22

Badr School Health and Safety Plan 21-22


Introduction: The State of NJ has mandated that LEAs must provide full-day, full time, in person instruction and operations for the 2021-2022 school year. We will therefore strictly abide by all CDC, State, and local guidelines regarding health, wellness, and configuration of classrooms and all school areas.


The plan set forth is framed by the New Jersey Department of Education’s The Road Forward: Health and Safety Guidance for the 2021-2022 School Year


Establishing Health and Safety Measures

General Health and Safety Rules

  1.     Following all State, Local, and CDC Health Guidelines: We are committed to following CDC guidelines and will refer questions to the Local Department of Health, the Office of Emergency Management, and the Office of Human Services. Badr School will remain in direct communication with state and local health officials on a weekly basis.
  2.      Behaviors that Reduce Spread: Hygiene and Infection Prevention signage is important in providing education and serve as visual reminders to all staff and students.
    • Hygiene and Infection Prevention signage will be posted to serve as visual reminders to all staff and students
  •     Touchless Hand Sanitizing Stations will be placed in all common areas and within each classroom.
  • Installation of touchless paper dispensers
  •     Students will not be allowed to share any items/ furniture. Each student will be have his/her own designated area to place his/her belongings.
  • Students who are not feeling well should stay home.


  1.      Visitors Policy: For the safety of all staff and students, visitors will not be allowed to enter building. However, if a visitor does have to enter the building, he/she will have his/her temperature checked, and will be asked to complete a pre-screening health questionnaire. All visitors will be required to wear face coverings prior to entry.
  2.      Face Covering: Following CDC Guidelines and NJ State mandates, all students, staff, and visitors will be required to wear face coverings inside the school building, regardless of vaccination status. Students will wear face coverings unless doing so inhibits his/ her health. 


School Areas

  1.      Social Distancing: Social distancing guidelines will be enforced in the classrooms and throughout the school building. Desks within the classroom will be placed three feet apart. Floor markers will be placed throughout the building to enforce social distancing requirements.
  2.     Outdoor Schedule: Rotational schedule will be established for the use of outdoor areas.

School Entry, Dismissal, and Response to Symptoms

Temperature screening will be done prior to entry.

  1.     Screening and Temperature Checks Prior to Entry: Prior to the start of the school year, families will be asked to complete a prescreening questionnaire. Temperature checks will be taken daily for all students and staff prior to entering building.
  •     Designated staff will be responsible for screenings
  •   School staff must visually check students and employees for symptoms upon arrival and/or confirm with families that students do not have COVID-19 symptoms.
  •    All checks/screenings will be conducted safely and respectfully, and   in accordance with any applicable privacy laws and regulations
    • Signs/symptoms of COVID-19 that are reported or observed must be documented and acted upon accordingly
    • Policy will consider students and staff with disabilities and necessary accommodations for screening process.
    • Students and staff that register a temperature of 100 and above must remain home. If a student or staff member presents symptoms upon entry to the building or during the day, he/she will be sent home or isolated for a maximum of 30 minutes until being picked up.
    • Students who are absent due to being sick must bring written clearance from a physician stating that the student can return to school. 
  1.   Dismissal Procedure: Students will remain in their classrooms and be called via intercom to report to the lobby upon parent arrival. For the safety of all students, parents, guardians, or drivers be not be allowed to enter building.


Temperature Checks, Screenings, Response to Symptomatic Cases

  1. Procedures for Symptomatic Students and Staff: Students or staff members who have the following symptoms will be isolated, sent home, and required to test for COVID-19.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Preventions, the symptoms of Covid-19 are as follows:

  •    Fever or chills
  •    Cough
  •    Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  •    Fatigue
  •    Muscle or body aches
  •    Headache
  •    New loss of taste or smell
  •    Sore throat
  •    Congestion or runny nose
  •    Nausea or vomiting
  •    Diarrhea
  •    If any of these symptoms are present prior to attending school, parents must keep their child(ren) home and staff must stay home and self-isolate until a COVID-19 test is taken.
  •    If these symptoms are present while at school, students or staff shall be safely and respectfully isolated from others. An isolation space will be established.
  •    Students will remain in isolation with continued supervision and care until picked up by parent/guardian within 30 minutes.
  •    Students may not return until a COVID-19 test is taken and a negative result is submitted to the school. If a test result is positive, the staff member or parent of the student must notify school principal and quarantine for ten (10) days.
  • Sick individuals with COVID -19 compatible symptoms who have not been tested or individuals who have tested positive for COVID-19 should stay home until at least 10 days have passed since symptoms onset and at least 24 hours have passed after resolutions of fever without fever reducing medications and improvement of symptoms.    
  • Persons who test positive for COVID-19 but who are asymptomatic should stay home for 10 days from the positive test result.
  • For those who have come into contact with a COVID-19 individual or have tested positive for COVID-19, a negative test result must be presented PRIOR to returning to school. No exceptions will be made.
  • If COVID-19 negative, the student or staff must be 24 hours fever free without the use of fever reducing medications, and if antibiotics prescribed, must have received the first 24 hours of doses, and a note from a healthcare provider with diagnosis allowing them to return to school. The note may be reviewed by a school nurse, wellness coordinator or administration PRIOR to return to school


  1.     Isolation Space: The school nurse will escort any individual showing symptoms to the designated isolation area. Upon examination, the nurse may refer the individual to get tested for COVID-19. The school nurse shall require the certification of a physician that the individual tested negative and is contagion free. 


Contact Tracing

  1.     Contact Tracing Policy: All procedures will adhere to applicable federal and state law and regulations regarding privacy and the confidentiality of records.
  •   To prevent the further spread of disease, COVID-19 contacts should quarantine home for 10 days after their last exposure to a person with COVID-19.
  •    The school nurse and school principal will be responsible for:
  •     providing notifications and carrying out the contact tracing policy
  •    Establish measures for a system of open communication that allows staff, students, and families to self-report symptoms and/or suspected exposure.
  •    A staff member shall immediately notify the principal and the school nurse when he/she observes symptoms consistent with COVID 19 or becomes aware that an individual is positive for COVID-19.  
  •    If an individual tests positive for Covid-19, the school nurse shall immediately notify the principal, local health officials, staff, and families of a confirmed case while maintaining confidentiality.
  •     When the individual exhibits symptoms the school nurse will ensure that the student is taken to the designated isolation area.  The nurse will examine the individual and may refer them for testing and treatment.  
  •     A student who has symptoms of COVID 19 will be required to submit to a COVID-19 test.  The school nurse shall require the certification of a physician that the student is contagion free before readmission. The nurse shall report all students testing positive for COVID-19 to the health department.
  •   Badr School shall assist the local health department in conducting contact tracing.
  •  Badr School shall allow staff, students, and families to self-report symptoms and any type of exposure. If a staff member or child demonstrates symptoms outside of the school environment and tests for COVID, the staff member and/or family shall report symptoms and testing status results to the school nurse. Positive results require quarantining for ten (10) days. Confidentially must be maintained.




  • Submission of proof of vaccination status will be required for all staff and students to help inform prevention strategies, school-based testing, contact tracing efforts and quarantine and isolation practices.


Cleaning and Sanitizing According to Recommended Guidelines

  •      All cleaning and disinfecting products shall be EPA approved and used in  accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  •     Providing EPA-registered disposable wipes to teachers and staff to sanitize commonly used surfaces prior to use.
  •      Hand Sanitizer Stations will be available within classrooms, hallways, and  next to restrooms. Hand Sanitizer solutions will contain at least 60% alcohol.
  •      Ensuring that cleaning and disinfection supplies are used and stored correctly and safely.
  •     Cleaning and disinfecting a school building after a person has been identified as COVID-19 positive:




Regular School Schedule Monday – Friday

Pursuant to the laws of the State of NJ, schools must be in session for full-time in person instruction.  

Mondays-Thursdays: 7:15 am to 2:50 pm

Friday: 7:15 am to 2pm


We are committed to serving the parents and students of the Badr School Community. This plan was drafted in consideration of the health, safety, and wellbeing learners.