Badr School

Spelling Bee

KG Level 1:
1st Place: Ali Abbas       2nd Place: Usayd Quamar.            3rd Place: Aneeza Chaudry           
First Grade Level 2: 
1st Place Ayat Sardar.    2nd Place: Shayan Goher             3rd Place: Siraj Seman
Second Grade Level 3:
1st place: Minah Saheed.   2nd Place: Mahira Rizwan.        3rd Place: Rayan Aleemudin
Third Grade Level 4:
1st Place: Ahmed Dardir.   2nd Place: Medhat Ahmed.        3rd Place: Faris Quamar
Grades 4 and 5 Level 5
1st place:  Nabiha Awan.   2nd Place: Rahma Karak.            3rd Place: Awad Seman
Grades 6 and 7 Level 6
1st Place: Nusaybah Ouhemmi.    2nd Place: Anfal Ali.        3rd Place: Mariam Sulley
Grade 8 Level 7
1st Place: Shayan Syed.